5.11 The securities contained in this share transfer agreement are included only as an editorial reference and do not present part of the share transfer contract for the easier reference. These reviews apply to each transfer request to ensure that the right of the person who signed is still valid. This includes subsequent transmission requirements that have been transmitted by the same member. 1.2 The transfer is absolute and covers all rights and obligations related to the shares, including, but not limited to all rights to dividends, voting rights and voting rights, in order to avoid doubting that the dividends due but not yet paid are due and distributed to the purchaser. TUPE guarantees are available to prevent you from benefiting from less favourable terms of employment during the transfer. This means that not only will your existing business conditions be transferred to the new employer on the first working day, but you should not lose your labour rights either. The rights of the company (also known as occupational pensions) acquired up to the date of a transfer are protected in the event of transfer or assumption. In 2006, Intelsat Global Service Corporation agreed to transfer virtually all of its employees to Intelsat Corp. A clause in their personnel transfer contract stipulated that they could amend the agreement from time to time, unless changes were made to the issuer`s ability to pay its loans. If two employers enter into a service framework contract allowing the transfer of an employee, Employer B could, on two conditions, establish a working relationship with the new employee: PandaTip: this schedule should include all actions or shares transferred under this share transfer agreement. When shares or shares are transferred to more than one company, they should have their own line in a table such as the one below. They should present the transferred actions in the most detailed way possible.

Try to include the class of shares, the face value of the shares and their payment. Below are a few examples: However, if your former employer offers you a work pension, your new employer is not obliged to pursue an identical occupational pension. Your new employer should offer a work pension of up to 6% of your salary in a stakeholder pension or an equivalent alternative. Because a personnel transfer contract involves two parties, the legal details can be complicated. You want a serious lawyer to help you write the deal. For example, if your new employer has to close part of a business because it is not active and therefore has no business requirements for employees with your expertise, you are entitled to the same redundancy rights as any other employee. 4. RESULTS OF THE FORMALITÉ IT is agreed that if the planned transfer of shares will not be effective due to a lack of formalities (including, but not only the incorrect registration of the transfer in the company`s registers or following a refusal by the directors of the company whose shares are transferred), the transfer of all economic shares of the shares by the creation of a trust in favour of the beneficiary in which the shares form the subject, and the assignor is the agent. You can refuse to work for the new employer. You must inform your current or future employer that you are against transmission. It is assumed that you have resigned and that you do not have the right to demand dismissals or wrongful dismissals.