7As a rule, North American catches a small closure on clothes that is operated by blinking both halves. Suddenly, as in you can`t expect an entire economy to escape the slump overnight. This expression is also put as an imperative, get out! tell someone to return from an undesirable state such as grief, apitomination or depression to their normal mental state; for example, Snap out, Stella; It`s over and it`s over. [1920s] A proclamation of consent or recognition, often used in response to an insult. Take something, buy something quickly and zealously or get something that is rare or that is sold at a low price. 4British A card game where cards from two stacks are flipped simultaneously and players call “Snap” as quickly as possible when two similar cards are revealed. 15 at the end. (in the sense of a “sudden audible bite” and a “rapid sharp bite noise”): “grasp” probably from the average or average German; Partly imitating. Get out of environsoft in the imperative Get out of a bad mood or unhappy by a sudden effort. What prompted you to take a picture? Please let us know where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

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