We also advise you to contact your college, school and department in your field or main domain via the website under www.sfsu.edu/deptpage/acaddept.htm, in order to obtain any information about scholarships. For more information and other scholarship opportunities for international students, please visit the Office of International Program website at oip.sfsu.edu or email oip@sfsu.edu. You can also search for scholarships for international students from www.internationalscholarships.com and www.iefa.org/. UCorp scholarships are funded by individual donors, foundations, corporations, transfers from another UCorp account, or income from a foundation of the SF State Foundation. UCorp follows all applicable federal and state laws and regulations when managing and awarding scholarships. We are also committed to ensuring that the donor`s intention is met in the management of the funds. For the purposes of scholarship management, the university society defines the term “under-represented” as an economically disadvantaged student or qualified for federal financial assistance. The Office of Student Financial Aid recognizes the limited number of scholarships that apply specifically to international students at San Francisco State University. International students who have obtained a campus scholarship or an external scholarship who send the check to SF State should meet with the tax specialist at the administration`s Office of Internal Audit, ADM 358, to determine whether to withhold taxes on the payment of scholarships and income reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

The payment of the scholarship is suspended until you meet with the tax specialist. Go to fiscaff.sfsu.edu/taxservices to make an appointment. If you have any questions, contact Young Kim, Tax Specialist, at (415) 338-2325. This process can take up to 3 weeks. Scholarships can be awarded on a non-competitive basis to an entire group of students, for example. B to all students attending a conference or taking a course. Scholarships can also be awarded on a competitive basis, such as scholarships. In these cases, a committee of at least three persons must select the recipients of the scholarships. UCorp does not evaluate fees on accounts exclusively for scholarships or scholarships….