With our latest certificates of occupancy and real estate registration. Please contact the property`s municipality to inquire as soon as possible about the requirements, as some of them will need to be complete before closing. In addition, you must provide the buyer with a copy of the association`s statutes if it is a condo, condo or owner`s association. A status letter is also required before a status letter is closed by your association or management company. After a conclusive conclusion, the seller and buyer may be required to provide transfer forms to the city`s author and must contact the water department to set up a definitive water reading. Determining a sale price is the most important aspect of selling your home. The value of your home depends on the neighborhood in which the home is located (the biggest factor in determining the value), the condition of the home, current market conditions, interest rates and the duration of the sale of the home. To get the best price for your home, you need to determine the price to sell comparable homes (similar apartments in terms of style, size, condition and location) in your neighborhood. Seller Disclosure Statement (s. 565.957) – The seller must provide the buyer with a full presentation of the current condition of the property. In addition, the buyer should have the property checked professionally.

If the property was built before 1978, the disclosure of information about lead paints and/or lead colour risks must be completed after the seller and buyer have read the Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home brochure. If your property was built in 1978 or later, confirmation of the seller`s waiver of lead-based colouring can be signed by the seller and made available to the buyer indicating that the rules are not enforced. Contracts to buy and sell real estate in Michigan are documents created by potential buyers to make an offer on land. They must provide the seller with information on how they will be able to pay the proposed offer and down payment. For example, financing by the bank or seller or by the sale of another property. The buyer sets a deadline for his offer to be accepted or successfully negotiated. The contract is not legally binding until both parties have signed it. Once the closing is scheduled and the documents are prepared, copies of all the closing documents of the real estate will be sent by e-mail to all parties for verification before closing. On this date, the buyer can take out the owner`s insurance. For a new mortgage, show the lender as a loss recipient.

In the case of a land contract, indicate the owner of the property contract as an additional insured. In the event of a cash transaction, we do not ask the owners, but we advise the buyer to receive a policy. To prepare your home for potential buyers, you need to perform minor repairs, clean, paint and maintain the landscape. The exterior and the interior are just as important. There is no need to rebuild your home or pay for an expensive supplement. The following checklists describe everything you should do to improve the attractiveness of your home for a potential buyer. These tips will create added value for your home and could make the difference between a quick sale at your price and a long sale at a lower price. Seller to collect serious money deposit from the buyer. If you want us to keep this bond in trust, we ask you for printed wiring instructions, personally, if you order your title, as we only accept wired funds.

In addition, the Earnest Money Escrow agreement must be finalized and made available before the funds are adopted. After receiving a written offer to purchase (and it must be written to be legal), you have three options: accept, refuse or make a counter-offer.