Pakistan Engineering Council is the legal regulatory authority responsible for regulating the engineering profession in Pakistan and has previously been involved in the development of standard documents by a committee of departments, agencies, consulting engineers and construction companies. As a result of the ECC`s decision, the committee was removed from its deliberations in 1992 and drafted a document containing the phrase “PEC Standard Contract Terms,” which corresponded to the results/proposals of the AGN Kazi report. (4) STANDARD FORM OF CONTRACT FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY SERVICES (FOR LARGE PROJECTS) – TIME BASED ASSIGNMENTS (used for 2 million rt consulting fees) Transparent tendering, evaluation, awarding and execution of construction and advisory contracts depend on tenders and contract documents established on a fair and equitable basis for stakeholders. Currently, various government agencies, self-governing agencies, etc., prepare their documents with limited expertise. These documents are either unilateral or do not adequately protect the public interest. In addition, the inconsistency in the documentation of the various services is confusing for contractors/suppliers and leads to numerous abuses and contractual disputes resulting in high construction costs. The Committee`s mandate was to review the Pakistan Standard Terms of Contract document, developed by the Pakistan Engineering Council, and the ECNEC Committee`s report on the impact of the 1992 measures on the construction industry. . Subsequently, PEC updated the document in question by incorporating instructions to bidders and various forms into a complete offer document and renamed it the Standard Form of Bidding Document.

In addition, the pec has also prepared other documents and completed and updated a number of six documents (titles with exceptional characteristics) involving all key stakeholders. PUBLICATIONS Planning – Development Division`s Notification for Implementtaion of PEC Standard Bidding/Contract Documents, Dated December 24, 2009 TDuring 1989, Government of Pakistan wanted important orders already placed to be verified and a mechanism developed to improve the current system. Accordingly, following a discussion on a summary prepared by the Financial Department on 15 January 1989, the firm`s ECC decided to set up a committee headed by Mr. A.G.N. Kazi, Vice-President of the Planning Commission, to review existing rules and procedures for large-scale procurement and to propose measures to prevent misconduct. The committee prepared the report, which was presented to the CEC on November 22, 1990 and adopted with some amendments.