AND CONSIDERING that highway workers were employed in a series of collective agreements between the Minister of Transport and Public Works and the predecessors of the Minister and the Nova Scotia Highway Workers Union, currently represented by CUPE Local 1867, and approved by regulation in Council 73-41; What is a strike vote? A strike vote is a vote by members of the collective agreement unit to give the union the power to strike. What happens if the union votes to strike? If one of our bargaining units voted in favour of the strike, the university would be in contact with all concerned. The Trade Union Act requires employers and unions to insert a claim procedure into the contract. If the employer violates one aspect of the contract or disciplines a worker without physical cause, the worker can file a complaint through the union representative. With the help of the union, a worker can try to resolve the problem with the employer. If the staff member is unable to find a satisfactory solution, the dispute may be referred to an independent arbitrator. The employer must bear its own costs and the union pays for the worker`s representation and costs. The arbitrator will hear the evidence and make a binding decision. Employer complaints and dispute resolution procedures do not have legal status under provincial labour law. AND considering that the Department and the Union agree that their existing and permanent relations should be placed on a more secure footing through collective bargaining, consistent with the legislation applicable to other unionized workers of Her Majesty the Queen in Nova Scotia law: what is a bargaining unit? A bargaining unit is a group of workers represented by a single union. On the mountain, most of our employees are represented by one of the four unions. Part-time faculties are represented by CUPE 3912. Full-time faculties are represented by MSVUFA.

Non-university workers are represented by NSGEU 81. Custodial and Steam Plant staff, as well as Security and Switchboard staff, are represented by IUOE 721. What is a collective agreement? A collective agreement is a written contract between the university and the union. The collective agreement applies to all members of the collective agreement unit and contains the terms of employment. Collective agreements last for a predetermined period. When a collective agreement expires, the university and the union must enter into collective bargaining to renegotiate the contract. What is collective bargaining? Collective bargaining is the process by which the university and the union negotiate their collective agreement. Under the Nova Scotia Trade Union Act, both the union and the university must meet on time and negotiate in good faith. How do collective bargaining begin? Collective bargaining usually begins on the expiry date of an agreement.